Athens Consulting LLC

225 South Lake Avenue
Suite 300
Pasadena, CA 91101
United States of America


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Athens consulting provides end to end electronic design services for businesses with products needing electronics or computer hardware and software for companies looking to augment or outsource their product in-house electronics / computer design capabilities.

Athens Consulting has been helping its clients achieve their product goals for over a decade.

We help enable your success by providing our electronics and computer design expertise to augment your capabilities.

We are all about helping our clients turn ideas into reality, concepts into working products, and working products in to better products.

Athens provides its clients with technical support in the areas of system design, computer software, hardware & firmware design and simulation, embedded systems, and analog electronics designs for designs from complex science & measurement instruments and control of motors and actuators to important but relatively simple functions like adding an additional indicator light.

We have assisted clients with complete system design, product design, manufacturing and engineering management. We have added software or hardware functions to existing products. We have supported clients by troubleshooting code, or debugging and suggesting corrections to existing electronics design. In a number of cases we have performed failure analysis and provided design changes to products already in production.

No job is too small or too complex.