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PowerFilm, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of thin, flexible solar modules based on a proprietary low-cost production process. The company's primary objective is to target the building integrated solar power market and supply products for selected portable and remote solar power applications as well as custom and OEM solar module markets.
PowerFilm, Inc. develops and manufactures thin, flexible solar modules for OEM, military and consumer needs.

Founded in 1988, PowerFilm has grown to:

* The industry leader creating custom solar modules
* Offer a complete line of stock OEM solar modules
* Create a full line of consumer ready, ultra portable, ultra lightweight, durable solar products with best in class flexibility
o Foldable - outdoor expeditionary portable power
o Rollable - waterproof outdoor portable power
* Offer a full line of custom and standard military solar products
* Begin producing solar products designed for the building integrated industry
* Create solar modules for the recreational vehicle, emergency response, temporary shelter and golf industries with more new products in development

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