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Dantona Industries is your one stop battery supplier for all your battery needs. Our goal is to provide great service & quality batteries, at competitive prices. Dantona has the largest product line of batteries and accessories in North America featuring over 10,000 models in 40 categories and growing. Products include consumer batteries under our Ultralast brand and industrial batteries for devices like Camcorders, Digital Cameras, MP3, PDA, Laptops, Video Gaming, Cell/ Smart Phones, DVD Players, Cordless Phones, Alkaline, Rechargeables, PLC, Two Way Radio, Single cells, Hotel Doorlocks, Flashlights, and dozens more. We carry brands like Sanyo, Panasonic, Energizer, Hawker to mention just a few. Located in Long Island, New York, our award winning reputation for fast, courteous service, and the broadest product line available from one source makes Dantona Industries your best choice for your wholesales or retail battery needs. Visit our website at to learn more.